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The Mandelbrot Competition is one of the premier math contests for High School students in the United States.

The aim of the Mandelbrot Competition is to provide a challenging, engaging mathematical experience which is both competitive and educational. The contest has grown to two levels (and three leagues) encompassing students from across the United States and several foreign countries.

The competition takes place in four rounds spaced throughout the school year, each consisting of an individual test and a team test. The individual portion is made up of seven short-answer questions, valued by difficulty at one, two, or three points. This test lasts 40 minutes and is graded by the school coordinator. For the team section, groups of four students chosen by the coach work together on a series of proofs. The students write out their explanations to the successive parts, which build upon one another to develop a mathematical result. The team test also lasts 40 minutes and is mailed in to a panel of graders for evaluation. Scores and standings for teams and individuals are posted shortly thereafter.

The questions in The Mandelbrot Competition cover a variety of non-calculus topics such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and probability, plus a few other topics like number theory or classical inequalities that may be less familiar.

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