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Rodolfo Kurchan
Mesmerizing Math Puzzles
96 pages
ISBN 0-8069-3709-2
Derrick Niederman
Hard-to-Solve Math Puzzles
96 pages
ISBN 0-8069-5869-3
Derrick Niederman
Math Puzzles for the Clever Mind
96 pages
ISBN 0-8069-5115-X
Gilles Cohen
50 Mathematical Puzzles and Problems : Orange Collection
Key Curriculum Press
96 pages
ISBN 1-55953-499-0
Pasqual J. Battaglia
Are You Smart, or What? A Bizarre Book of Games & Fun for Everyone
Intl Puzzle Features
112 pages
James S. Tanton
Solve This: Math Activities for Students and Clubs
Mathematical Association of America
240 pages
ISBN 0-883-85717-0
Lawrence Swienciki
The Ambitious Horse: Ancient Chinese Mathematics Problems
Key Curriculum Press
128 pages
ISBN 1-55953-461-3
Martin Gardner
The Colossal Book of Mathematics: Classic Puzzles, Paradoxes, and Problems
W. W. Norton & Company
704 pages
ISBN 0393020231